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Concept & Strategy

It is important to begin conference planning with a clear outline of what you are trying to achieve. We can help to visualize your event, and identify key requirements.

From concept to completion we design every conference individually, to cater for the precise needs of each client. We can design a solution for your event that encompases the ideas and prerequisites ascertained during our consultation.

Upon your acceptance of our proposal, suitable and achievable strategies will be put in place prior to the building of the event. A realistic event budget along with a carefully documented critical path plan are two vital ingredients that we get signed off by our clients before any work begins.

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Venue Selection

The location and venue can have a profound effect on the mood of your event. With our extensive knowledge of meeting and event venue’s in Australia and overseas, we are well positioned to help, guide and recommend suitable venue’s, so as to locate your event in the best possible venue that will best meet your needs.

Once a venue has been selected, we set up and manage all operational arrangements with the nominated function or banquets manager.

Conference Registrations

We utilize trusted tools and techniques to efficiently manage your conferencce registrations. We can capably handle all delegate registrations, accommodation bookings, travel plans, trade show plans, and speaker obligations, to name just a few key requirements.

We can accept conference monies on your behalf and bank all monies directly into your bank account. Apart from this, we can also manage all financial reporting relating to your event.

Accommodation Management

A vital part of conference management is the management of the accommodation block at the meeting venue. From when your accommodation is booked, we take complete control and work closely with the hotel to fully manage your conference requirements. Through our sophisticated systems, we are able to carefully monitor all accommodation needs as well as keeping track of important cut off dates for hotel deposits.

Accommodation management is included in the overall conference management fee, however, we offer a free accommodation management service for those clients who are organising their own event and just want to outsource their accommodation needs. Please contact us for further information.


Handy Events & Conferences has excellent working relationships with all major exhibition supply company’s Australia wide. If you are holding an exhibition as part of your conference, we are able to fully manage this on your behalf. As apart of our job, we arrange suitable site floor plans for each venue, contact and lock in exhibitors, arrange all their exhibition needs, organise bump in/out.

We are able through our suppliers, to arrange and book all exhibition furniture requirements that are needed during the event. We will organise up to 30 booths free of charge at any one event, however, more than 30 exhibitors may incur a further management charge.


We work with our clients to assist them with sponsorship for their event. We are able to supply existing templates of sponsorship packages for their individual use. We are able to design these to suit each situation. From previous experience, we find that the best sponsorship results are achieved by the client themselves, however, we are happy to guide and assist during this process.

Print and Multimedia

As a part of services that we offer, Handy Events & Conferences are able to arrange and manage all print and multimedia requirements for your conference or event. We work closely with the best in the business, and only work with company’s that totally understand our needs and requirements and who are able to deliver within budget and on time. Our partners in print and multimedia always manage to exceed our expectations.